Medcare Center Careers


Medcare Center is a high-quality healthcare provider. Our distinguished providers and caregivers are devoted to treating every patient with clinical excellence and compassionate care. Medcare Center delivers health care you can believe in.

Simply put, Medcare Center is an organization at which you can enrich your career in a diverse, dynamic and clinically outstanding environment.

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We are currently looking for:

Medical Assistant

  • Prepares lab forms and other pertinent paperwork, and patients for examinations.
  • Chaperones exams, assists with referrals, schedules appointments, makes reminder phone calls, and assists with patient follow-up duties.
  • Assists with medical history taking, phlebotomy, other lab back up as needed, and discharge of all patients.
  • Oversees and prepares charts for appointments, and clinic check-in processes.
  • Assists with patient sign-in including vital signs.
  • Cleans and stock exam rooms with appropriate supplies.
  • Performs EKG’s, expedites all patient services from intake through discharge for patients.
  • Assist with medical assistant services for all eligible patients.
  • Oversee and help with the training of volunteers and medical assistant students.
  • Attends all-staff meetings. Contributes to organizational decision-making through active participation in the process. Works effectively and positively with co-workers and students.
  • Other duties, as assigned by supervisor.

Nurse Practitioner

  • Perform initial patient screenings and patient history and physical examination
  • Update patient records and check records for accuracy at patient appointment
  • Analyze test data and determine the need for follow-up appointments and further treatment options
  • Deliver quality care while maintaining all company metrics pertaining to productivity
  • Serve as the resource patients needs for ongoing care information, counseling and provide guidance for any patients with critical conditions.
  •  Ability to work within a team and take direction.
  • Must be familiar with the HER medical charting system
  • Strong written interpersonal communication skills
  • Preferable more than 10 years experience in nursing prior to obtaining Nurse Practitioner license.

Full-time or part-time

Billing Assistant

This position is for a billing assistant second shift which includes weekends. Our office uses a EMR system, so computer knowledge is a must The duties include working rejections, contacting and checking insurance eligibility, and the ability to comprehend insurance EOB’s and take appropriate measures. This position also includes collecting on past medical bill debt. The perfect candidate should have prior knowledge/experience in medical billing, should be assertive, and have excellent problem solving and people skills.

Full time


  • Answers phones in a prompt and courteous manner. Prioritizes and processes calls as appropriate. Assists callers or takes accurate phone messages.
  • Greets patients, updates all information including verifying insurance information.
  • Helps maintain patient flow by tracking patient process. Notifies appropriate parties if patients have been waiting past the established time frames.
  • Schedules patient appointments and tests (e.g. lab, radiology, special procedures, specialist appointments).
  • Checks routing slip for completeness at patient departure. Summarizes charges and collects payments, including insurance co-payments.
  • Orients incoming residents of front desk policies and procedures.
  • Fills out referral requests, lab requisitions, and all appropriate forms.
  • Follows hospital and department policies and procedures with special attention to attendance and punctuality, confidentiality, dress code and display of ID badge, and safety.
  • Other duties as assigned

Family Practice Physician

1. Obtaining and recording a detailed medical history of each patient including, but not limited to, the patient’s chief complaint, his/her present condition, the patient’s individual history, and his/her family history.

2. Performing complete physical examinations of each patient reasonably necessary to evaluate various primary care conditions and identify the need for any referrals.

3. Analyzing reports and/or findings of tests and personal examinations in order to assess the condition of the patient, including diagnosing his/her injury or illness and formulating a prognosis.

4. Effectively communicating with patients and other health care staff to manage patient care.

5. Referring the patient to other physicians, including specialists and other health care providers, when and if needed.

6. Responsible for prescribing medication or treatment plans for the patient’s condition.

7. Perform such clinical procedures as are consistent with Physician’s training.

8. Keep and maintain appropriate records relating to all professional services rendered.

9. Use electronic medical records systems.

10. Prepare and attend to all reports, claims, and correspondence necessary and appropriate to the performance of the professional services, and ensuring that records and documentation are in compliance with Federal and State regulations.

11. Demonstrates integrity, care and compassion when working with patients, families and staff.

12. Adheres to the standards and policies of the Organizational Privacy/Security and Compliance Programs, including the duty to comply with applicable laws and regulations (HIPAA, OSHA, OIG guidelines, other State and Federal laws).

13. Maintains privacy of all patient, employee and volunteer information and access such information only on a need to know basis for business purposes.

14. Complies with all regulations regarding corporate integrity and security obligations. Report unethical; fraudulent or unlawful behavior or activity.

15. Maintains confidentiality of the organization by ensuring that information is accessible only to those authorized to have access and is protected throughout its lifecycle.

16. Performs other duties assigned by Employer from time to time that are commensurate with professional services normally and customarily performed by a physician.