Patient Forms


Required Documents:

  • Insurance card
  • Your Photo ID
  • Pharmacy Card 

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At Medcare Center, we want to ensure a smooth office visit for everyone.

We strongly believe that our patients shouldn’t have to wait several days or weeks for their appointments and are committed to offering same-day appointments for our patients. Our highly trained staff is ready to assist you during your visit. Walk-ins are welcome.

In order to expedite your waiting time and making the most of your health evaluation and care, there are a few documents you will be required to bring and sign. For your convenience, please see the below documents:

10 Steps

  1. Get to the scheduled visit prepared to discuss your most important reason for the visit
  2. Know the major problem that prompted you to seek the evaluation as specifically as possible
  3. Engage discussions during the visit focusing on the major problem while answering clarifying questions from the screener and/or the provider: be frank
  4. If you are seeking the evaluation of a symptom, be prepared to provide what specific symptom it is; a good estimate of when you first felt the symptom; the location of the symptom; duration & frequency of the symptom; and what makes the symptom come on, go away, improve a little or what makes it get worse
  5. If you are seeking the evaluation of a sign, be prepared to discuss when you first noticed the sign, how often you have been noticing the sign and why you are worried about the sign or signs
  6. In a review of human body systems (ROHBS) that follows—characterized typically by pointed questions answered with “yes” or “no,” your provider is merely attempting to narrow the possible cause of the major problem: never misguide, just reflect what else you have felt or what else you have seen
  7. Have an organized way of reflecting what medications—all medications (over-the counter & prescriptions) you are currently taking including the name of the medication; the dose (mg, g, ml, etc.); the route (by mouth, on your skin, etc.); and how often you take the medication (once, twice, 3-times, 4-time or just at sleep time): it is best to bring your medications to the visit, if you don’t already have a pre-made medication list
  8. Provide any medication allergy you have ever had as well as the specific “allergic reaction”
  9. Your past medical problems, family history and social history may be related to or have bearings on your current problem: always have these information handy
  10. A well done steps 1-9 above puts your provider to work as you should, right away!

Survey Visit 

After your visit please take a few minutes to complete our Medcare Survey.  

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Your engagement will help us continue to improve providing you with the best service possible.